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January 2017

In November 2016, Petro Motion entered phase one of a development agreement with an independent midstream energy company to commercialize CondiSaV. The focus of the agreement is to provide cost, logistics of manufacturing, proof of product effectiveness and determine the best commercial delivery model to operators. The company has gained sufficient confidence in Petro Motion's product, CondiSaV to begin drafting a definitive master agreement before the conclusion of phase one activities. Petro Motion is in the process of providing the energy company with blending solutions, independent proof of performance and a field trial to help expedite their due diligence process. We anticipate a master agreement, business model, customer conversion and timeline by the second quarter of 2017.


October 2016

CondiSaV provides 38% reduction of diluent required per barrel to meet pipeline specifications in the Athabasca oil sands, northern Alberta. The heavy oil company produces 250,000 BPD. A commercial conversation will arise after a third-party lab confirms CondiSaV’s calculations. 


September 2016

A US Refinery in Minnesota tested and confirms Petro Motions' supercharged additive "CondiSaV" drastically reduces the condensate/diluent required in the heavy oil sector. CondiSaV provided a reduction of 36% per barrel and met all pipeline specifications in Lloydminster production. And CondiSaV offered a 74% reduction of diluent required to meet specification after testing the refinery's trim blending operation in Hardesty, Alberta.

CondiSaV is a solution that benefits upstream, mid-stream and downstream producers through patent technology and innovation, it simply optimizes the refineries blend, lower costs, increases the volume of heavy crude transported through pipelines and allows more oil to ship with less diluent while meeting pipeline specifications.

Petro Motion looks forward to building a strong presence in the heavy oil market with CondiSaV and generating new customers in the Fort McMurray, Peace River, and the Lloyd/Saskatchewan region.

CondiSaV is the solution for heavy oil issues!


April 2015

CondiSaV is an “all natural” product made up of 100% hydrocarbon. This is important because it assures its compatibility with mechanical and process systems designed for the transportation, processing and refining of oil. In Alberta some producers have been adding CondiSaV like oils since the mid-1960s. The valuation of CondiSaV at the pipeline terminal or at the refinery is a question asked often asked by prospective customers. This article is an attempt to provide a comprehensive answer for this question.

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May 2014

On May 7, 2014 Petro Motion Inc. conducted a full scale significant field trial to verify the results of its laboratory performance of unique patent pending product CondiSaV.

The independent testing involved the mixing of CondiSaV with a 100 bbl tanker of heavy oil provided by Baytex Energy Corp and  hydrocarbon condensate purchased from Pengrowth Energy Corporation, Carson Creek.

Petro Motion President and CEO, James Robson said the results strengthen the firm's belief that CondiSaV is a viable environmentally sustainable solution for getting more oil to market more efficiently.

 “The independently verified test results showed the addition of CondiSaV cut the required quantity of expensive diluents to get oil pipeline standard by 53 per cent,” he says.

CondiSaV has now been tested in a 100 ml beaker and in a 100 bbl truck and has shown the same result. 

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