The Investment Opportunity and Petro Motion's Commitment to Stewardship

The management of Petro Motion Inc. is dedicated to providing investors a responsibly-earned long-term return on their investment. It is confident in its ability to deliver on the commitment by focusing on the key factors impacting the company's business: the customer, the environment, and the community.

Management and the Board of Directors are made up of a diverse group of entrepreneurial individuals who are creative, experienced and entrepreneurial. They are united in their dedication to the company's ideals, and an internal architecture focused on stewardship.

Stewardship is a hallmark of our corporate culture that is marked by strategies ranging from Eco-friendly product development to a specific Corporate Code of Conduct that informs all business behavior and decision-making.  All employees, officers, directors, corporate partners, consultants, agents and suppliers are required to execute our code of conduct and do business in the spirit in which it is intended.

Our growth opportunity is enormous. We offer participation to the investing public periodically through professionally structure private placements when growth requires additional capital investment. A public offering may be considered in the future.

The immediate focus of business development is the heavy oil industry in Alberta and the use of the company’s innovative product CondiSaV. The product is patent registration protected with international rights. The challenges of moving heavy oil are not exclusive to Alberta, so the market for CondiSav and Petro Motion Inc services are global.

Petro Motion has several further technology innovations in development that will solidify the company's position as a creative leader in the industry.

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