Helps Your Heavy Oil Flow

Video:  How it works

Diluent Additive

CondiSaV is an  additive that accentuates the behavior of regular diluent allowing it to act as a "super" viscosity reducer. CondiSaV works to alter inter-molecular bonds.

When diluent is added to heavy oil it allows it to flow in the pipeline. When an CondiSaV additive is used less diluent is needed.

Easy to Use-Easy to SAVE

CondiSaV doesn't need heat or pressure to be effective. It's designed to help oil meet pipeline specifications.

Add it to your diluent stock at any place in your operation with SAGD or excavated heavy oil.


Natural Non-fouling Chemistry

CondiSaV will not cause fouling.  Chemically it is soluble and similar in structure to production oil and other hydrocarbons.

CondiSaV is an all natural hydrocarbon product derived from down-hole exploration. It does not contain benzene, CS2, sulfurs, polymers, DRA's, benzene or phosphorus.